Engineering for Health and Wellbeing Group

Tissue Eng.

The EHW-CV Group research activity concerns the development of systems and methods for Computer Vision. In the recent years the EHW-CV Group was involved in many projects which span several disciplines and fields of application such is as Robot qualification, Automated car driving, Robotic harvesting, Cultural heritage monitoring and restoration.


The EHW-CV Group has expertise for:

  • Project and development of integrated multi camera computer vision systems
  • Development of pattern recognition and segmentation algorithms
  • Development of feature extracture algorithms
  • Spectral measurements
  • Contactless dimensional measurements
  • Three-dimensional reconstruction of surfaces using commercial hardware (Laser scanner)
  • Three-dimensional reconstruction of surfaces using ad-hoc hardware both with active (structured light) and passive methods
  • Real time tracking of moving objects
  • Wireless body sensor networks for 3D kinematic analysis of human body
  • Standards and Recommendation on electronics assembly technology and CAD


Presently the EHW-CV Group activity involves following applications:

  • Health care: development of innovative tools for outpatients therapy and rehabilitation
  • Health care: real time hand tracking for Parkinson disease therapy
  • Health care: post-surgical rehabilitation exploiting vision based systems and body sensor networks
  • Robotics: vision based system for automatic laser welding in industrial environment

Involved Personnel

Antonio Chimienti (Senior Researcher)

Roberto Nerino (Researcher)
Giuseppe Pettiti (Researcher)
Mario Collura (Technician)
Claudia Ferraris (Research Fellow)

Real Time Hand Tracking


High Quality 3D Acquisition and Presentation for Virtual Heritage


Real-time knee angle estimation based on wireless magnetic-inertial measurement units


Motion capture lab setup with optical marker and wireless magnetic-inertial measurement units