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Ferdinando (or Ferdi, how he is internationally known!) Grandori, founder and Director of the National Research Council Institute of Biomedical Engineering (CNR-ISIB), has had faculty appointments during the past two decades or so at the Polytechnic of Milan until 2015 (Bioengineering of Neurosensory Systems). Ferdi Grandori is presently Research Associate at the Institute of Electronics, Computer and Telecommunication Engineering (CNR-IEIIT) based at the Dpt. of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering (Milan Polytechnic). He has been working since the mid ‘70s mainly on the development on methods, techniques and protocols for hearing assessment. Other research achievements were on Magnetic Stimulation of Motor Cortex, advanced techniques for Evoked Potentials and Magneto-Encephalography, and a variety of issues in Biomedical Engineering. In addition to the 500+ publications on peer-reviewed Journals and presentations at Scientific meetings, he has been invited to speak as Keynote Speaker or the like at 80+ Congresses, Conferences and Society Meetings in 25+ countries.

F. Grandori has served as Editor, or co-Editor of scientific books and Proceedings of Intl’ Conferences and Guest Editor of about one dozen of Special Issues of Intl’ Journals (mostly peer-reviewed). Selected publication sites: Acta Oto-laryngol.; Acta Paediatrica; Advances in Engineering Software; American Journal of Audiology; American Journal of Orthodontics; American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics; Annals of Biomedical Engineering; Archives of Acoustics; Archives of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery; Argomenti di Neurologia; Audiology; Audiology and Neurotology; Audiology Research; Audiology Today; Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics; Biological Cybernetics; Brain Topography; British J. of Audiol.; Clin. Physical Physiological Meas.; Ear and Hearing; Electroencephalography and clinical Neurophysiology; Hearing Research; IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine; IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng.; IEEE Trans. Instrumentation and Measurement; Image and Vision Computing; Int. J. Biomed. Computing; International Journal of Audiology; International Pediatrics; J. Acoustical Soc. of America; J. Audiological Medicine; J. Clinical Computing; J. Medical Engineering and Technology; J. Oral Rehabilitation; J. Biomedical Optics; Pediatrics; Scandinavian Audiol.; Technology and Health Care; American Journal of Audiology.

Since mid ‘90s Dr. Grandori has served as Coordinator of several multi-year international studies and coordination projects that contributed to shape research - and practical applications - on hearing and hearing loss (technologies, models and protocols for hearing screening, testing and management), and since 2008 on strategies and methods for adult hearing screening. His activities have been mostly financed by the European Commission in Brussels (Biomed Programme, Biomedicine and Health, Quality of Life, Health, IST (Information Society Technology), Framework Programme 6, and 7) with the cooperation of numerous partners/beneficiaries across the European Area: Concerted Action on Otoacoustic Emissions (1994-96); PECO-OAE 1 and PECO-OAE 2 (1994-97), with partners from Central and Eastern EU Countries; EC Accompanying Measure NHS 2000, and NHS 2002; Coordination Action AHEAD (Advancement of HEaring Assessment methods and Devices) (1996-99); Coordination Action AHEAD II (Advancement of HEaring Assessment Devices-Immediate Intervention) (2000-04); Coordination Action AHEAD III (Assessment of Hearing in the Elderly: Aging and Degeneration - Integration through Immediate Intervention (2008-2011). Within the framework of these activities, he has given not negligible contributions to the development of the National Screening Programs of Great Britain, Poland, Spain, Croatia, Lithuania, Belgium and Russia. He has been coordinator of a number of projects and scientific initiatives funded by industries and other Organizations, among them Fischer-Zoth GmbH (Germany), GN Otometrics A/S (Denmark), Otodynamics Ltd (UK), Soros Foundation (NYC, USA).

His greatest contribution and impact on the globalization of Newborn Hearing Screening began with his research achievements and with the organization of the European Consensus Development Conference on Neonatal Hearing Screening (Milan, May 1998, with funds from the EC Biomedicine Program) which further developed into a series of bi-annual Intl’ Conferences to facilitate the exchange of good practice, stimulate research and catalyze improvements and growth in regard to Early Hearing Detection and Intervention systems worldwide, for infants, and more recently for the Adult and Elderly screening.
Ferdi Grandori has served the WHO (World Health Organization) Prevention of Blindness and Deafness Committee sitting as Chair in the Group of Experts who released the WHO Paper “Newborn and Infant Hearing Screening–Current Issues and Guiding Principles for Action” (Final Release 27/01/2012).

He has served as expert/reviewer for funding agencies and organizations (European Commission (EC) Research Directorate, EC SANCO (Directorate General for Health & Consumers, Strasbourg), EC IST (Small Middle Enterprises), European Science Foundation, and several Charities, Foundations, etc. to evaluate grants and research proposals and/or monitor progress of ongoing projects on a variety of topics in biomedical technologies.
Awards / Honors / Honorary Memberships: National Member at the European Federation of Audiology Societies (EFAS, 1999-present); Deutsche Gesellshaft für Audiologie (Honorary Member, 2008-present); Intl’ Academy of Otorhynolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (Honorary Member, Moscow, 2012-present). Croatian Soc. for Early Hearing Diagnosis and Intervention (Honorary Member, 2006-present); Lithuanian Soc. of Otolaryngology (1998); Fischer-Zoth GmbH (Munich) Award 2005; Interacoustics SA (Copenhagen) Award 2005; Kind und Gezin (Child and Family, Belgium, Special Award) 2008; European Youth Games - Special Olympics-Healthy Hearing, Rome, 2006; Honorary Diploma from Otorynolaryngologia Quarterly (Poland, 2009).

F. Grandori has been serving as Member of the Editorial Board of the British Journal of Audiology, Audiology, ISRN Otolaryngology, Journal of Hearing Science.

Ferdi Grandori has volunteered to participate in several dozens of events, initiatives and awareness campaigns organized by the Lions Club International (in Italy, and Germany) to advocate on the importance of quality hearing care through technology and the impact of hearing losses across the lifespan. He is Member of the Scientific Committee of the recently established Fondazione Carlo Grandori based in Rome (Italy) and Seattle (Washington).

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