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People - Morgavi Giovanna

In 1979 Giovanna Morgavi received the Laurea in Electronic Engineering cum laude from the University of Genoa and in 1996 she received the Laurea in Psychology cum laude from the University of Turin.  In 2001 she received the Speciality Diploma in Psycotherapy from Post-graduate Specialty School A.M.I.S.I. of Milan.

From 1980 to 1982 she has been working at Control Data Corporation (CDC Corporation) as System Analyst . Since the  1982, she is working as senior Researcher at the Italian Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) Istituto di Elettronica e Ingegneria dell’Informazione e delle Telecomunicazioni  (IEIIT) Section in Genova.

She has been active in the following research fields:

  • Adaptive Intelligent Systems and Cognitive Robotics (from 2000).
  • Chaotic Systems and Artificial Neural Networks (1988-2001).
  • Parallel computers and systems (1984-1990).
  • Models of the interaction among cells and electromagnetic fields at low frequencies (1982-1989).
  • Mathematical models and measures of biological samples at microwave frequencies (1979-1987).

Since 2010 she is member of the Scientific Committee of the School of Robotics.

Since  2009 she is in coordinator of the IEIIT Group of Research on  ‘Machine learning and Growing up’ in the National Project  Bioinformatics.

Since  2009 she is member of the Committee of the IEIIT.

From 2004 to 2009 she has been in coordinator of the IEIIT Staff for Research on  ‘Bio-inspired learning’

She has served as referee for several national and international conferences and for many journals in the field of adaptive robotics, neural networks, chaotic systems and information technology. Since2004 she is Expert Evaluator for scientific project proposal for the Italian  Ministery of University and Research, for Italian Regions and for European Community within IST calls.

She has contributed, as scientific collaborator or as research unit manager to several national and international projects on cognitive robotics, complex systems and neural networks.

She has been member of Network of Excellence: NEURONET ( Artificial Neural Network) and nEUro-IT (NeuroInformatics-Information Technology Network ).

She is tutor/supervisor at CNR for the post diploma training for Psychology MDs for the University of Turin and for the Post-graduate Specialty School A.M.I.S.I. of Milan.

She has been author of more then 120 scientific papers.

Giovanna Morgavi
CNR-IEIIT Via De Marini, 6
16149 Genova GE, Italia
morgavi [at]
Tel.+39 010 6475 203