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People - Luciano Mantovani

Luciano Mantovani received the Diploma degree in telecommunication from from ITIS G. B. Pininfarina of Moncalieri (Turin, Italy) in 1970. Since 1972 he was with Centre of Television Study of CNR (National Research Council), c/o National Electrotechnical Institute "G. Ferraris" since 2000 with IRITI-CNR and since 2002 with IEIIT-CNR. His technical activity has been formerly carried out in Video Signal Coding area, in which he developed hardware equipments. He has worked on the release of custom instruments for Teletext System, in the framework of SIRIO Experiment, for digital signals transmission and reception, in particular medical fields and industrial applications. He worked with technical CAD in printed circuit boards development, electronic custom components and electronic assembly. Currently he works on Artificial Vision and Image Processing for image monitoring and 3D analysis. He is also Secretary in TC 309/91 “Assembly electronic” CEI harmonized with TC 52/91 CENELEC-IEC and is CNR member in CEI Board and in IMQ TC ”Certificazioni del personale e Certificazioni ambientali di prodotto e imprese” (“Certification of personnel and environmental certification of products and companies”).

Luciano Mantovani Duca degli Abruzzi, 24
10129 Torino, Italia
luciano.mantovani [at]
Tel.+39 011 090 5422