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People - Mario Collura

He is with CNR since 1976 after having gained by a public selection a position of electronic/telecommunication technicians at the Center of Study on Television directed from Professor Claudio Egidi. In the past He cooperated with researcher of the group in the design, building and testing of experimental equipment in the field of Image processing and digital video technologies. From 90 th with the advance in Computer Processing technology he supported the realization and management of the Video Laboratory build around Video equipment and Computer system, that allowed the software simulation of image processing algorithm by means of the acquisition, storing, processing and display of image or video sequence both at standard and high definition resolution. He also supported the group in the presentation of research project to call from European, national and regional authorities. He actively participate in

- The building of a TV frame store interface for a PDP 11/45 mini computer
- The realization of a Colour DPCM system working at 13,5 Mhz
- The realization, and experimentation of a Digital video Conference system by way of Italian telecommunication Satellite SIRIO in cooperation with Center for Study on Spatial telecommunication and Politecnico of Milan.
- The Final demonstration of the outcome of Finalized Project Telecommunication :Coding of high resolution image
- Realization of a test bed for the evaluation of Automatic Number Plate recognition system with reference to UNI 10772 norm
- Study of a system for the measuring of the kinematic of knee prosthesis by means of video fluoroscopy
- The activity of the Group on security of biomedical images
- Standardization activity of CEI, VQEG, MPEG, Digital Media in Italy

Mario Collura Duca degli Abruzzi, 24
10129 Torino, Italia
mario.collura [at]
Tel.+39 011 090 5407