Engineering for Health and Wellbeing Group

People - Ravazzani Paolo

Current interests

EMF-MED: Medical applications of EMF
  • Novel diagnostics tools and/or innovative therapies in neuroengineering and biomedicine (Non Invasive Brain Stimulation, cochlear implants, Deep Brain Stimulation, neuroprosthesis, etc..)
  • EMF safety and characterization of health support systems (MRI, active implanted medical devices, RFID for health, etc..)
  • Systems Modeling in neuroscience
EMF-SAFE: EMF energy for a safe environment
  • Computational modeling of the interactions between EMF and biological system
  • EMF Exposure assessment by computational techniques
  • Personal exposure measurements of EMF
  • EMF effects on biological systems

Current international projects

  • GERoNiMO Generalised EMF Research using Novel Methods, European Commission, 7th Framework Programme, 2014-2018 ( GERoNiMO proposes to close gaps of knowledge on health effects of EMF and reduce exposure. Paolo Ravazzani participates in GERoNiMO as Coordinator of the CNR-IEIIT Unit, as Member of the Project Executive Committee, as leader of the Module 4 Integration and of the WP8 on risk management and on techniques for EMF exposure reduction
  • ARIMMORA Advanced Research on Interaction Mechanisms of Electromagnetics with exposure Organisms for Risk Assessment, European Commission, 7th Framework Programme, Environment, 2011-2015 ( Paolo Ravazzani serves as Coordinator of the CNR-IEIIT Unit and as leader of the WP2 on magnetic field exposure assessment. ARIMMORA involved 8 partners for the investigation of the possible biological mechanism associating the exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields to cancer.

Current teaching and academic activities

  • Bioelectromagnetics and Biomedical Instrumentation, Course in Biomedical Engineering, Polytechnic of Milan
  • Member of the Board of Professors of the PhD Program in Bioengineering of the PhD School of Polytechnic of Milan

Paolo Ravazzani
c/o Polytechnic of Milan
p.zza Leonardo da Vinci, 32
20133 Milano MI, Italia
paolo.ravazzani [at]
Tel.+39 02 23993344