Kick-off meeting del progetto RadioSatMet in giugno

Call ESA ITT AO9763 - ARTES AT 3B.037

RadioSatMet (Short-term forecast of Radiocommunication geostationary Satellite links coupling Meteorological space-time model, radiative transfer and ground-terminal feedback) proposal, in response to: ESA ITT AO9763 - ARTES AT 3B.037 (Short-Term Forecast of the signal propagation conditions, based on Numerical Weather Prediction Models and Ground Terminal Feedback), has completed the negotiation phase and the kickoff meeting is planned for the mid of June 2021.
The proposed activity will develop a geostationary microwave channel performance methodology system  for a geostationary satellite communication system, named RadioSatMet, based on a high-spatial-resolution numerical weather prediction model and an atmospheric physically-oriented electromagnetic propagation model, capable to operate in an open loop as well as in a closed loop, gathering feedbacks provided by ground terminals of a SatCom system. The RadioMetSat prototype system will generate short-term statistical forecasts of the microwave propagation conditions in each point of the SatCom coverage. The RadioMetSat system throughput and availability gains achieved by the model will be validated and demonstrated in an end-to-end system simulator.

CNR-IEIIT is co-partner, with Sapienza Università di Roma,  Politecnico di Milano, CNR-IMAA and HIMET s.r.l.