18th IEEE International Conference on Factory Communication Systems (WFCS)

27-29 April 2022, Pavia, Italy

The conference, supported by IEEE and IES and led by the Technical Committee on Factory Automation, will be hosted by the University of Pavia in collaboration with the Institute Industrial IT (inIT) of the Technische Hochschule OWL in Lemgo, Germany.

WFCS is the largest IEEE conference especially dedicated to communications for (industrial) automation systems. Its main aim is to provide a forum for researchers, developers and practitioners to review and discuss most recent trends in the area and share innovative research directions.

WFCS 2022 will include Special Sessions (SSs) to enhance the technical program and focus on new trends and breakthroughs. A SS can cover subjects belonging to the topics of interest of the conference, or novel topics consistent with those identified within the topics of interest. A SS can also have the drive from specific Researc & Innovation projects or clusters of projects.

Deadline for SS proposals is December 17th, 2021.

Website : wfcs22.unipv.it