Maria GuglielminaPelizzo


Principal Investigator of ASI-INAF PLUS - PLanetary Ultraviolet Spectometer. Co-I and responsible for the Italian contribution to the spectrometer PHEBUS on board of ESA Bepi-Colombo. Co-I and WP responsible for the coronagraph METIS on board of ESA Bepi-Colombo. WP responsible in the ASI project BIOSMART RADIATOR. Responsible for the ESA GSTP Radiation Testing of Optical Coatings for Space. Interested in space exploration, optical systems and sub-systems, space environment and qualifications.

Maria Guglielmina Pelizzo received her Ph.D. in Space Science and Technology from the University of Padova, Italy, in 2000 and a Master Degree in Physics in 1996 (110/110 cum laude). She is currently a Researcher of the National Research Council of Italy and Adjunct Professor of Optics and Photonics at University of Padova. She is also member of the School Committee of the Graduate School of Science, Measurements and Spatial Technologies of the Center of Studies and Activities for Space of the University of Padova, where she teaches the course Space Optics Instrumentation. She has been visiting researcher at University of California Santa Barbara, Department of Physics, and visiting scientist at University of California Berkeley, Space Sciences Laboratory. She is interested in the design, realization and test of optical systems and components, in particular for space exploration and colonization. She is involved in projects and space missions for the observation of planetary exospheres in the ultraviolet. Her recent research focuses on laser propulsion systems. She is also an expert of qualification of optical components in space environment. She has been reviewer and panelist for various national and international institutions, including NASA. She is co-author of more than 180 publications in peer review journals and international conference proceedings, as well as co-authors of 4 patents. She has been invited speaker and member of the Program Committee in conferences in the field of optics.