Best Paper Award – ICC 2023

CNR-IEIIT researcher Nicolò Decarli is the co-recipient of the Best Paper Award at IEEE ICC 2023


The article “Establishing MIMO Communications Automatically using Self-Conjugating Metasurfaces,” authored by Davide Dardari, Marina Lotti, Nicolò Decarli, and Gianni Pasolini has been selected as a winner of the Best Paper Award at the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2023). The paper was awarded in the framework of the ``Selected Areas in Communications'' symposium. It is one of the sixteen papers selected over 1000+ papers that were accepted at the conference.

The paper proposes a novel method for establishing multi-user multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) communications between a base station and multiple users with very low complexity, low latency and without explicit channel estimation, thus avoiding todays’ severe limitations for applications based on high carrier frequency and/or large antenna arrays.