Wireless Communication Systems

Mobile Wireless Networks

Reinventing wireless networks for a connected world

Our expertise encompasses many aspects in the design of wireless devices and networks, ranging from the physical layer to the entire protocol stack. This includes digital signal processing for wireless communication systems, advanced channel coding, and applications to wireless sensor networks for energy conservation. Our research is specifically oriented towards next generation mobile networks (6G and beyond), tackling the challenges offered by the introduction of smart radio environments and massive and distributed multiantenna communications (massive MIMO). We also have deep experience in the fields of routing and radio resource management in vehicular networs, e/m-Learning architectures in cloud environments, heterogeneous wireless access networks, wireless system coexistence, and connectivity analysis in ad hoc wireless systems. 

Laboratories:  Physical Layer Design

Projects: Q-Secure Net | QUANCOM


Wireless Sensing

Exploiting mmWaves for a New Sensing Environment

Our expertise is structured around future localization and sensing opportunities for beyond fifth generation (B5G) wireless communication systems. Unlike 5G and earlier generation networks, in B5G, localization and sensing will be built-in from the outset to both cope with specific applications and use cases, and to support flexible and seamless connectivity. The research activities target signal processing, EM modelling, machine learning and networking design aspects for passive sensing using transmitters of opportunity, massive MIMO radar and communications convergence in the mmWave band.

Laboratories: Wireless Sensing

Infrastructure Facilities: Wavelab

Projects: Radiosense | Enviradar