Bando Innodriver – S3 – Regione Lombardia

The aim of the EnviRadar project is to analyze, design and develop innovative devices and advanced HW/SW platforms for indoor monitoring in smart living scenarios. In particular, the goal of the project is to develop a system based on thermal array sensors for human body tracking and counting. Thermal vision is based on low-cost infrared (IR) networked sensors (via IoT tools). They allow to track thermal signatures induced by moving people and are promising technologies for social distancing monitoring and massive unobtrusive body temperature screening in congested areas. Probabilistic methods based on machine learning are proposed to track and classify heat signatures corresponding to body movements or presence.  Applications are in smart home and indoor automation fields.


Partners: Cognimade Srl (coordinator).

IEIIT will design new algorithms for detection, localization and tracking of people inside a monitored area. To this aim, IEIIT will exploit data fusion of signals from different sensors (e.g., InfraRed, mmWave radar, Time-of-Flight camera, MEMS microphone) to increase the localization and detection accuracy for smart living and smart spaces applications.



Funding: Regione Lombardia, Bando Innodriver - S3, Edizione 2019, decreto RL N. 10739 del 16/09/2020

Timeline: 2020 - 2021