Information & Systems Engineering

Inference and control of complex and interconnected systems

IEIIT researchers have expertise in the field of systems modeling and analysis, and in the design of modern control systems, able to guarantee desired performance objectives. Their research is dedicated to the prediction and study of the evolution of complex and uncertain systems, both with stochastic/robust identification and control techniques, and through innovative machine learning and artificial intelligence methodologies. The fields of application currently considered include the fields of classical engineering, such as aerospace, electrical and mechanical engineering, together with new areas of research, as control of networked systems with applications to epidemiology and social sciences.

LaboratoriesSystems Modeling & Control 

Current Projects: AgriDrones | BANYAN | TECHIE

Systems data science and artificial intelligence for social good and sustainability

Unlocking the potential of data through knowledge discovery

We are immersed in a continuous, ubiquitous data stream that opens unprecedented challenges - and opportunities - in terms of data management, data analysis, and knowledge extraction. There is an enormous potential for knowledge discovery through data analytics as a large amount of information is hidden in multisource, largely unstructured data. Through our combined expertise in (Big)data Management, High Performance Computing, data analytics, and AI we conduct original research to tackle current social challenges, for example population aging, chronic diseases, agriculture 4.0, new frontiers in economics as well as engineering and industry innovation challenges.

Laboratories:  Data Science and AI 

Infrastructure Facilities: e-Health Lab


Completed Projects:   4P | SCI-PHI | PNEULYTICS | MARS-PRE | Genova 5G | Castore