Genova 5G

The Smart City paradigm is redesigning the most advanced cities by placing the emphasis on metropolitan environments as "intelligent and interconnected places" on a human scale.
One of the Smart City scenarios is that of Smart Mobility, where the advent of 5G networks will provide the infrastructure necessary for high-performance mobile connection.
Monitoring of dangerous situations and sustainable mobility, the characteristics of the 5G network are able to support and guarantee communications even in emergency scenarios, allowing an integrated approach to high-speed connectivity, low latency and high configurability, thus offering significant advantages over traditional cellular systems.


Partners: Vodafone (coordinator).

IEIIT  develops video analytics for smart mobility applications and offers support to 5G design.


Funding: Call italian Ministry MiSE ‘acquisizione di proposte progettuali finalizzati alla sicurezza delle infrastrutture stradali nell’area territoriale di genova attraverso sperimentazioni basate sulla tecnologia 5G’.

Timeline:  Nov 2020 – Oct 2023