IEIIT awarded for contributions to IEEE NFV-SDN 2022

Alessio Giorgetti gave a four-hours tutorial - November 14th,2022


IEIIT awarded for contributions to IEEE NFV-SDN 2022, Chandler, AZ.


On November 14th, Alessio Giorgetti (IEIIT reasearcher) gave a four-hours tutorial titled "Networking Applications Development and Testing with ONOS SDN Controller" at the IEEE NFV-SDN 2022 conference organized by the IEEE Communication Society in Chandler, AZ within the premises of the Intel campus  The tutorial included a hands-on session, which showed how to implement NetApps on top of the open-source  ONOS SDN controller distributed by the Open Networking Foundation


He also co-authored the demo presented by Alessandro Pacini (candidate PhD student at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna tutored by Dr. Giorgetti) on November 15th, titled "Enabling Event-based Hierarchical Synchronization in SDN ONOS Clusters". This work proposed a hierarchical solution to scale the SDN approach to big networks. The work received the "Best Demo Award" among all demos presented at the conference,