IEIIT Contribution in Australia for SKA

The SKA-Low telescope has begun to take shape in Western Australia with the installation of the first antennas on site


The Square Kilometre Array has begun to take shape in Western Australia.  The first antennas of the SKA-low instrument operating at low frequencies (50 –350 MHz) have been installed on site on March 7th . The antenna design was optimised by the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF) in collaboration with CNR-IEIIT and Italian Company SIRIO Antenne.

 The Square Kilometre Array (SKA, will be the most sensitive radio telescope ever built. It will consist of two different instruments, the SKA-low located in Western Australia and the SKA-mid operating at higher frequencies (0.35 – 15.35 GHz) located in South Africa. These telescope allow scientists to observe space in more detail than ever before and to make breakthrough discoveries in several areas of astronomy (Cosmic Dawn, Epoch of Reionization, Cosmic Magnetism, Galaxy Evolution, Cosmology, Dark Energy, Radio Transients).