Inauguration of VCSELence Torino

Experimental VCSEL activities officially start in Torino


As part of the IEIIT-Reunion held in Turin on 20 December 2023, we inaugurated the VCSELence Turin Center of Excellence, of which IEIIT is a founding member and promoter. The Center combines the expertise present on the Turin Polytechnic Campus of IEIIT, LINKS and the Department of Electronics. The promoter of the Centre, Pierluigi Debernardi, Senior Researcher in IEIIT, is internationally recognized for his theoretical-simulation contributions in the field of VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers), developed over the last 25 years. LINKS has excellent experimental skills and the new VCSEL measurement bench is installed in Photonext, an interdepartmental laboratory of the Polytechnic of Turin. The cooperation between modeling and experimental skills will make the Center a point of reference for the research of these microlasers, now pervasive in everyone's life. An iPhone contains hundreds of them, a simple smartphone contains dozens, cars use them as position sensors or for autonomous driving, but Data Centers employ millions of them for their very high-speed internal communications.