RAISE Kick Off Meeting

CNR-IEIIT is partner of the Innovation Ecosystem RAISE


With the kick-off meeting on Jan 30 2023, the Spoke 2 “Smart Devices and Technologies for Personal and Remote Healthcare” of the Innovation Ecosystem RAISE “Robotics and AI for Socio-economic Empowerment” has officially started. RAISE is funded by the Ministry of University and Research within the PNRR framework. The aim of Spoke 2 is to develop and validate tools to improve the current standards of care including personalization of care and remote delivery of services. CNR-IEIIT takes part in Spoke 2 as a partner and will develop AI-based models to characterize, based on retrospective and prospective data, the risk of disease and identify individualized recommendations to reduce the risk.

Contact: maurizio.mongelli@ieiit.cnr.it