The Industrial Informatics Laboratory (I2Lab) facility is located in the CNR-IEIIT headquarters in Torino. It is intended to support the activities carried out by researchers in the Computer Engineering and Networks Group in the areas of industrial wired and wireless communications, cybersecurity and real-time and embedded systems.

Besides conventional servers and workstations, the laboratory is equipped with h/w and s/w tools which enable the experimentation and evaluation of prototypes and emerging technologies particularly oriented to industrial applications.  Dedicated h/w includes, but is not limited to, Industrial Ethernet devices and LANs, WSN nodes, wireless interfaces and boards, evaluation boards and development systems for embedded microprocessors, firewalls and traffic filtering devices. Software support, instead, mainly consists of compilers and toolchains, data capture and performance measurement s/w and analysis tools, either publicly available or developed ad-hoc.

Typical activities performed in the I2Lab include the assessment and performance evaluation of new technologies and the prototypal experimentation of innovative solutions in the scientific areas of interests for the CE&N research group.