Design and development of V2X and ADAS validation platform for a safe and efficient mobility

Connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) will change our mobility by letting vehicles autonomously be aware of the environment and take the best decision for a safe and comfortable travel. Industries are investing in new technologies to move vehicles toward advanced levels of autonomy and connectivity, to let them recognize the traffic environment, vehicles, pedestrians, road signs, buildings, traffic lights, etc..
For such complex tasks, there will be an intense amount of testing required to make advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and connectivity work in a safer and more reliable manner than a human driver. This will require billions of miles of road testing. This seemingly impossible task can only be accomplished with the help of engineering and adopting new testing models.
With an evolved system testing practices, thousands of driving scenarios and design parameters can be virtually tested with precision, speed, and cost economy. This is the objective of the VET project: to design and develop a new validation platform to test the correct working of a connected and automated vehicle, jointly taking into account both connectivity and ADAS functionalities.
VET is funded by the Emilia Romagna Region under the coordination of FEV Italy.


Partners: MISTER with CNR-IEIIT and CIRI-ICT with DEI-Unibo department.



Funding: Emilia Romagna Region (Programma Operativo Regionale “POR FESR 2014-2020 e PRO FSE 2014-2020)

Timeline:  1/6/2019  -  31/12/2021