Widespread Hearing Impairment Screening and PrEvention of Risk– Online Platform

The Project will build on the pilot WHISPER project (2020 Capita Foundation Auditory Research grant) to further advance a novel, web-based system to support widespread screening and prevention of hearing impairment in adults. Specifically, the project develops online modules for 
(1) delivering a test battery that includes an automated, language-independent speech-in-noise test, a visual test for the evaluation of working memory and the assessment of risk factors
(2) modeling of the individual risk for developing hearing impairment and the associated cognitive decline using eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) techniques.

WHISPER answers the need to increase access to screening and prevention (for older adults, for individuals in underserved areas, for minorities, and for those with low socioeconomic status) and develops tools that are language-independent and designed to be delivered at a distance, e.g. via web or mobile app.


Partners: CNR-IEIIT (coordinator), Politecnico di Milano

IEIIT coordinates the project, the development of the web tools, and the experimental protocol and performs data analytics, developing XAI models.


Funding: Capita Foundation (USA), Auditory Research Grants 2022

Timeline: Jan 2023 – Dec 2023