Evaluation and Consolidation of Additive Manufacturing Processes and Materials for the Manufacturing of RF Hardware (GSTP-AM)

Additive Manufacturing (AM) has recently been starting to be used for developing primary satellite structures and other critical sub-systems (such as radio-frequency payloads) for future Space missions. In order to select the adequate end-to-end AM-based processes for RF hardware, specific assessment and screening of materials, processes and post-processes need to be performed. In this framework, the aim of the present project is the evaluation and consolidation of AM technologies and relevant materials for the development of microwave and millimeter-wave components for Space-borne applications operating from L band to Q/V bands. The main expected improvements are in terms of mass, envelope, lead time/costs, power-handling, and assembling-integration-testing (AIT) procedures.


Partners: Thales Alenia Space Italia, Politecnico di Torino, Italian Institute of Technology, Beam-IT and HB-Technology.

IEIIT is in charge of the design and electromagnetic testing of the  RF demonstrators.


Funding: European Space Agency (ESA) under the General Support Technology Programme (GSTP) (ESA ITT nr. AO/1-9376/18/NL/HK)

Timeline: 2019-2022