Supports the analysis and evaluation of human body movements and physiological signals, through dedicated instruments, devices, sensors and computing equipment.


Sensors, Devices and Instrumentations

The EHW Lab infrastructure has several sensors, devices and instrumentations for the acquisition of human body movement and physiological signals:

  • sensors and computing equipment suited to acquire and process high throughput RGB and Depth video streams;
  • consumer/custom developed motion capture systems based on single and multi-camera architectures (RGB and RGB-Depth cameras);
  • wearable device for motion analysis and for physiological signal acquisition and processing;
  • an optoelectronic system (Optitrack) used as reference to provide ground truth measurements for the motion analysis experiments;
  • instrumentations for 3D scanning and colorimetric measurements.



Optoelectronic motion capture system

The Optitrack Motion Capture (MOCAP) system is composed of a set of 6 PRIME13 cameras equipped with infrared illuminators. In the current configuration, it covers a work area of ​​approximately 3m x 5m x 2m. The system allows real-time tracking of an unlimited number of infrared reflective markers with an accuracy, in the current configuration, of 0.1 mm at 120 FPS. The individual markers can be associated in complex structures (skeleton) for the analysis of the movements of the human body (walking, posture) and is also equipped with a specific tool dedicated to "hand tracking". The system can also be used for tracking rigid bodies (such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) within the working volume.

Facilities for 3D scanning and colorimetric measurements

As a legacy of past activities related to colorimetry and stereo virtual reconstruction of objects and scenes with image processing and computer vision algorithms, the EHW laboratory is equipped with specific professional equipment.
Such equipment includes:

• A Minolta VI 910 Laser Scanner

• A Varispec Liquid Crystal Tunable Filter VIS 07-35-STD (spectral range 420-720 nm)

• A device for colorimetric calibration (integrating sphere) Calibration Source (Integrating-Sphere) mod. 450 - Optronic Laboratories

• High sensitivity cooled digital cameras

• Stage lighting devices and devices for the controlled movement of cameras