Sustainable Mobility Center

In the next decades the main challenge for future mobility is to drastically reduce its emissions by reaching the highest level of sustainability possible at the global level. MOST will be totally interconnected with the NextgenerationEu and in the specific with the Italian action of PNRR that will boost the uptake of low- and zero emission vehicles as well as renewable and low-carbon fuels for road, waterborne, air and rail transport with specific measures on several levels: investing in environmentally friendly technologies, rolling out greener vehicles and public transport and fostering equal opportunities throughout the country, since the strong territorial gaps existing in Italy.

Therefore, there will be a strengthening of R&S chain in research and the economy with an enhancement of technology transfer mechanisms allowing a sound and effective: a) Green transition aiming at carbon neutrality by 2050; b) Digital transformation for efficient and inclusive mobility service.

Within this framework MOST will act as an innovative excellence ecosystem able to encourage innovation through the systemic use of research results by the whole productive system. MOST has the primary mission to build a competent Italian leadership, consistent with territory needs and companies’ excellence and capable of supporting future development towards inclusive and sustainable mobility.


Partners:  Coordinated by Milan Polytechnic, MOST is constituted by 49 partners: 24 Universities, CNR, 4 private entities and 20 industries.

MOST is constituted by 14 Spokes. IEIIT participates at Spoke 6, Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV), by coordinating CNR actitivities and by proposing new solutions to study, integrate and test vehicular communications and advanced on board sensors.


Funded by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR) through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) - NextGenerationEU

COST OF THE PROGRAM: 320 million euro

Timeline:  Sep 2022  -  Aug 2025