3D Screen Printing of High Frequency Components (STUNT)

Next generation of RF payloads for Science and Earth Observations will consist of multi-beam receivers with a very high number of antenna-feed systems (in the order of hundreds). These systems will operate in the millimetre-wave and sub-millimetre-wave bands, from 75 GHz up to 500 GHz and above. At these frequencies, the RF performance is hugely influenced by manufacturing related aspects, such as machining accuracy, surface roughness, minimum feature size, and electrical conductivity of the bulk material and coating. Moreover, the implementation of very dense focal planes requires cost-effective solutions based on the parallelization of the manufacturing process. In this framework, the present project aims at assessing the applicability of the 3D screen printing (3D-SP) process for the development of millimetre-wave components.


Partners: Fraunhofer IFAM

CNR-IEIIT is in charge of the electromagnetic design and testing of the prototypes.


Funding: European Space Agency (ESA) under the Innovation Triangle Initiative (ITI) programme (ESA ITT nr. AO/1-8876/17/NL/CRS)

Timeline: 2018-2020