To foster technological advance in ICT solutions for Satellite Telecommunications, Earth Observation and Space Science.


Space provides to citizens and governments many services used in daily life, such as increasingly accurate global navigation services (e.g., the Galileo system), seamless and high data-rate telecommunication links through High Throughput Satellite (HTS) networks, extended Earth Observation (EO) for security surveillance, emergency management, and climate change monitoring (e.g., next-generation MetOp-SG and Copernicus Expansion programmes).
To continue supporting Europe’s capacity to conceive, develop, and operate state-of-the-art Space systems, EU research  programmes aim at  promoting the development of cutting-edge technologies for the upstream and downstream Space segments. Within these programmes and through coordination and collaboration with the key National and European stakeholders, CNR-IEIIT is engaged in both low-TRL research activities and application-driven activities (mainly for SatCom, EO and Space Science applications).
To foster the National and European competiveness in Space technologies, CNR-IEIIT has also started promoting internal initiatives on low-TRL technologies that could lead to an effective breakthrough in Space applications. The technologies currently identified according to the European Space technology roadmaps include

  • Advance manufacturing of sub-Terahertz components (reference Oscar A. Peverini)

  • Testing of large antennas through unmanned  aerial vehicles (reference G. Virone)

  • Satellite quantum-key distribution technologies (reference M. Ferrari)