Smart Mobility

Toward connected and automated vehicles for a safe and efficient mobility

The automotive industry is undergoing key technological transformations; an increasing number of vehicles is going to be connected to the Internet and to each other and advance toward higher automation levels. Future automated vehicles will have to rely not only on their own sensors, but also on those of surrounding vehicles, and will need to cooperate with each other sharing information to make transportation safer, greener, and more enjoyable.
These trends pose significant challenges i) to the underlying communication systems and standardization bodies are struggling to keep pace with such challenging demands (in terms of latency, reliability, and capacity), ii) to the scarce spectrum management (cooperation of mmWaves and TeraHertz communication with standardized solutions), iii) to the (on board and distributed) artificial intelligence systems that needs to manage huge amount of heterogeneous real time data.
IEIIT carries out cutting edge research to address critical communications and decisions for connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) supporting safer driving and ubiquitous access to services.

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